How I arrived here…

Every person has a story. A story that’s unique.
A story that only they know. A story that holds definition.

My story is far too complex to be distilled into a nutshell. But for you, I shall try.

I’ve lived in every corner of India. And I mean ‘Lived’, actually stayed in each place for at least a year. What I have realised is – India is intensely more diverse than any country in the world. No where, (seriously, no-where!) will you find a country that speaks more languages than the states it is divided into. Russia has Russian, France has French, India has Indian? Sounds wrong, yet you will find a majority of people making this error. 

Over time, I have come to love India. There was a point when I loathed this country, its problems created an attitude of abhorrence in my mind. I was wrong. My mother always said, “hate the sin, not the sinner”. She could not have been more right. I learned to love the imperfections in this country. The freedom of expression is stretched to its limit and then some. We Indians are proud to be wacky and wild. Diverting from the norm is our passion and holding our own is our greatest strength.  

Out of the many times I have dreamed of running away from here, every time i thought to myself “Let’s give this country one more chance.” I now realise, it was the nation, that was, unconditionally, giving me another chance. I still dream of travelling the world, and adding to the countries and places I’ve already seen. Only to come back to India. Why? Because this is where I am from. Like a lightning conductor, I can reach for the sky. But my earthing is fixed, and without it I shall cease to be who I am.

I’ll be posting a lot more and a lot richer content very soon. 🙂



Blogger, Writer and all that's in between. A lover of the arts. I pass on the messages I receive from 'Ace'.

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