Life after Death? Quantum Theory Proves It.

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‘The System’ – A piece of Art from a Spoken Word Artist

Actor and comedian Arsenio Hall has recently revived his once popular talk show that originally ran from 1989 to 1994.
As one of his first guests Arsenio had Spoken Word Champion Prentice Powell perform a piece entitled ‘The System.’ Powell has had a great deal of success as a Spoken Word artist and poet, a talent that seemingly came naturally after he had placed 4th on the National Finals stage just two months after writing his first poem.

‘The System’ is a short but thought-provoking piece that sheds light on the system that the world currently operates on and the role that we as humans are expected to play within it. Prentice sets the stage with his very first statement:

Arsenio the system don’t want us here right now…

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Lower Case truth and the Absolute Truth

This is one of my favorite articles on the Indian Daily – The Speaking Tree.

The search for lower-case truth is no less ambitious than the search for God, the soul, higher consciousness, and a transcendent reality that lies beyond the physical world. Should we be going after truths or the Truth? We’re not proposing the return of religion in its former guise, or making a back-door argument for a new kind of worship. When it had a capital “T”, truth defined the essence of reality… Read more ›

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Why do we bombard ourselves with Information?

An interesting take. I am inclined to agree 🙂

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So You Want To Be A Writer? That’s Mistake #1

Love it.

Thought Catalog

There are two types of writers, Schopenhauer once observed, those who write because they have something they have to say and those who write for the sake of writing.

If you’re young and you think you want to be a writer, chances are you are already in the second camp. And all the advice you’ll get from other people about writing only compounds this terrible impulse.

Write all the time, they’ll tell you. Write for your college newspaper. Get an MFA. Go to writer’s groups. Send query letters to agents.

What do they never say? Go do interesting things.

I was lucky enough to actually get this advice. Combine this with the fact that I was too self-conscious to tell people that I wanted to be a writer, I became one in secret.

I’m not saying I’m great at it or anything, but I am a bestselling author at 26

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How I arrived here…

Every person has a story. A story that’s unique.
A story that only they know. A story that holds definition.

My story is far too complex to be distilled into a nutshell. But for you, I shall try.

I’ve lived in every corner of India. And I mean ‘Lived’, actually stayed in each place for at least a year. What I have realised is – India is intensely more diverse than any country in the world. No where, (seriously, no-where!) will you find a country that speaks more languages than the states it is divided into. Russia has Russian, France has French, India has Indian? Read more ›

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